Tifo: The art of going above and beyond as supporters to show your love and passion for your club. Tifo is any sort of coordinated display(through flags, banners, and so on) organized by supporters that honors their team, and occasionally takes a jab at the opponent. Tifo displays originated in Italy, but the practice has spread around the world, and to the United States, and of course we’re in on the fun.

Our tifo displays are funded 100% by donations from supporters and fans. If you enjoy seeing these kinds of displays at the stadium, we do appreciate donations to help pay for supplies. These things can get pricy, and the more people chip in, the bigger and better displays we can make!

We’d like to thank EVERYONE who helped put together these displays, either by physically painting & constructing, or donating to the cause!


I HATE NY ::: 2/26/11 vs. Red Bull New York
Our first effort of the year, prepared for the Strikers preseason exhibition with the New York Red Bulls.

FAÑA SUCKS! ::: 6/25/11 vs. Puerto Rico Islanders
A simple message of disdain for PR Islanders player Jonathan Faña, who taunted the Strikers’ supporters section not once, but twice, despite leaving South Florida with no wins in 2011.

KINGS OF FLORIDA ::: 6/29/11 vs. FC Tampa Bay
A hastily prepared replacement for what was a larger, multiple banner display that got ruined at the May 14th rainout vs. Tampa. This was at the June 29th makeup for that game.

JVB1 ::: 6/29/11 vs. FC Tampa Bay
Also at the June 29th Tampa Bay match, this banner was accompanied by a minute of silence in honor of former Strikers goalkeeper Jan Van Beveren who passed away in the week leading up to the match.

LOSERS! ::: 7/4/11 at FC Tampa Bay
Display from the July 4th match in St. Petersburg, mocking FCTB and arguably the worst mascot in the history of mascots.

WHAT’S YOUR NAME? ::: 8/27/11 vs. FC Tampa Bay
One of the highlights of the 2011 Season. Displayed before the derby match vs. FC Tampa Bay on August 27th, this display is a dig at the Tampa Bay supporters and their insistence on calling their club the “Rowdies”, and the now-settled legal drama surrounding FCTB and their efforts to officially claim that name.

DECLINED ::: 9/3/11 vs. Montréal Impact
A spur of the moment banner, bidding farewell to Montréal and mocking their player who was busted stealing headphones in Minnesota the week prior to the game.

MARTY ::: 9/17/11 vs. Atlanta Silverbacks
This was the Flight 19 contribution to the presentation of the 2011 Miami Ultras Player of the Year award, which honored fan favorite, and all-around class act, defender #27 Martyn Lancaster. Congrats Marty on another great season!

FALSE ROWDIES ::: 9/24/11 at FC Tampa Bay
Well they are the “Rowdies” for real now, the legal dispute to the name is over. We’ll miss making fun of them for it, but perhaps being proud of being the “Rowdies” might be worse than not being the “Rowdies” at all haha.

PLAY LIKE LEGENDS ::: 10/15/11 vs. Puerto Rico Islanders ::: NASL Semis Leg 2
Displayed before Leg 2 of the 2011 semifinals. A tribute to the legendary players who have graced the pitch at Lockhart. George Best(Strikers 1.0), Teofilo Cubillas(Strikers 1.0, FTL Sun, Strikers 2.0), Ray Hudson(Strikers 1.0, Strikers 2.0, Miami Fusion Head Coach), Diego Serna(Miami Fusion, Miami FC) and Martyn Lancaster(Miami FC, Strikers 3.0). Not without wind-related technical difficulties but we pulled it off nicely anyway.

FORT LAUDERDALE SKYLINE ::: 10/29/11 vs. NSC Minnesota Stars ::: NASL Championship Series Leg 2
Overhead banner for the final, featuring the Strikers iconic hoops and the skyline of Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately the rain soaked it a bit pregame and we never got a decent angle of it in action, but we’re still damn proud of it.

FORT LAUDERDALE FOREVER ::: 4/7/12 vs. FC Edmonton
Despite clear skies for the match itself, Mother Nature, as usual, gave us no help with strong winds forcing Plan B to unveil our banner celebrating our beloved City of Fort Lauderdale. Without Fort Lauderdale and Lockhart Stadium, professional soccer in South Florida would be nothing. Here’s to you, FTL!

LA ENANA NARANJA / “THE ORANGE MIDGET” ::: 4/25/12 vs. Puerto Rico Islanders
Jonathan Faña made no friends in South Florida in his 2011 visits to Lockhart, taunting the home supporters on two occasions, despite not winning a game and ending their season in the playoffs here. This one was a tribute to the diminutive Dominican punk. Nothing to taunt about this time huh?

FLORIDA LEGENDS ::: 4/28/12 at Tampa Bay Rowdies
2012 marks the proper return of the Florida Derby, the Fort Lauderdale Strikers vs. the Tampa Bay Rowdies. To mark the occasion, we came with full class and respect to St. Pete for the first match of the reborn rivalry. The Strikers, as usual in this latest incarnation of the rivalry, brought a weak game to the table, but we were there to cheer them on, and we always will be!

WHEN YOU FALSIFY A STAR… ::: 6/2/12 vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies
… Total Frauds Is What You Are! The night we finally beat Tampa Bay, we poked fun at their bogus star. The 1975 Rowdies who won the Soccer Bowl are not the same team as the Rowdies of today. Taking up a name does not grant you the accomplishments of the past. Get that thing off your kits Tampa!

THE FUTURE IS NOTHING WITHOUT THE PAST ::: 9/8/12 vs. Puerto Rico Islanders
September 8th was Legacy Night at Lockhart, and F19 went all out with our biggest, best tifo yet(one of, if not the biggest, single piece tifo seen in D2). Nothing is more important than our history and tradition. The huge scarf featured Strikers legends Thomas Rongen and Ray Hudson(who was at Lockhart that night) on the left accompanied by the classic Strikers logo, and Walter Restrepo and Mark Anderson on the right with the new logo, both standouts in this year’s club. We’re super proud of this one.

FAÑA REMIX ::: 9/8/12 vs. Puerto Rico Islanders
The Faña Oompa Loompa returns, now on a stick with animated arms and legs! You taunt our section after scoring a goal, and you get messed with, that’s a promise!

2013 is the year of the snake in the Chinese zodiac, and our adopted animal mascot, the coral snake, adorns this banner proclaiming 2013 “The Year of the Strikers”. The banner was accompanied by 100 red and yellow flags. Lesson we learned: 4 1/2 hours of solid tailgating pretty much makes organizing a choreographed display impossible haha.

STRIKERS POWERRRRRR! ::: 4/27/13 vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies
For the first Florida Derby clash of 2013 we prepared this little number based on the Old Spice ads with Terry Crews. Went off without a hitch and we’re very proud of it. We’re less proud of the Strikers who seem to perpetually suck against the Rowdies(and everyone else it seems to this point in the 2013 campaign). But we come full force no matter how the team is doing on the field!

FLS OVER MLS ::: 5/28/13 vs. FC Dallas
This was a dual meaning banner – we wanted to see our club FLS knock off the MLS club FC Dallas. They gave a good effort but couldn’t overcome Dallas on the night, but the broader message still remains, and that’s that we will never abandon our Fort Lauderdale Strikers. We’ll always stand with our club, no matter what league they are in and no matter if anyone should ever come in and become a noisy neighbor. The Strikers are kings of soccer in SoFla and always will be. And we’re behind them 119%.

THIS IS STRIKERS COUNTRY ::: 9/21/13 vs. New York Cosmos
The NY Cosmos returned to Lockhart after a 30 year hiatus from competitive soccer, and we welcomed them and their fans back by taking the classic “If NY is so great than take I-95 north and go home” South Florida sports fan trope to it’s ultimate level: a 400 square foot road sign, “tagged” by F19 proclaiming this as Strikers Country. Photo by Jon Van Woerden

DEFEND THE FORT! ::: 10/5/13 vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies
Leg 3 of the 2013 Coastal Cup was a must win for the Strikers, so we created this 700 square foot banner urging our team to “Defend The Fort!”. It featured the ever-evolving skyline of Fort Lauderdale being patrolled by two TBM Avenger bombers, and “FTLTID” represented our undying commitment to our city and our club. And the message of encouragement must’ve worked, because the Red & Gold came away with 3 points on the night! Photo by Chris Arnold

F19 + STRIKERS FOREVER ::: 11/2/13 vs. FC Edmonton
This one was constructed the day of the game, and we’re quite happy with how it came out. It read “F19 + Strikers Forever; For better or for worse, For richer or for poorer”. A simple message of dedication to our Fort Lauderdale Strikers. No matter how they do on the field, no matter what league they are in, no matter if Beckham and Messi and Ronaldo start a team across the street. We’re Strikers ’til we die and we mean it.

OUR CITY. OUR HISTORY. OUR CLUB. ::: 4/12/14 vs. Ottawa Fury FC
We opened the 2014 season with a celebration of our club’s rich history. From the soccer legends of the past(Hudson, Müller, Van Beveren, Rongen), to the hard working, local guys we see on the Strikers today(like Manny Gonzalez), every player who has donned the Red and Gold hoops is just as big a part of our club’s legacy as any other. That Strikers history reaches across the decades to tie generations of Fort Lauderdale’s citizens together. Lauderdale will always be Red and Gold!

THE GÜNTERMINATOR ::: 5/10/14 vs. Atlanta Silverbacks
Coach K has the boys playing out of their minds to start 2014, and we paid tribute to the manager who has changed the culture around the Strikers. Featuring his home nation of Austria’s flag, a cameo by his favorite pet parrot, Ben Ben, and a nice “Terminator” reference to top it off. The Strikers would crush Atlanta 4-0 on the night, win their 3rd in a row at home and 3rd in a row overall, and move to the top of the table. We have faith that Günter will lead the way and keep us there!

‘MOSBUSTERS ::: 7/26/14 vs. New York Cosmos
On a night when the Strikers played most of the match down a man and came back to earn a hard fought point, their first ever in the modern Strikers-Cosmos era, we unveiled a little number inspired by a certain classic 1980’s comedy film. Who you gonna call?!

FORT LAUDERDALE FLAG ::: 8/2/14 vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies
The Strikers evened up the 2014 Coastal Cup with a massive win over the hated Rowdies,and we came with a simple showing of civic pride. We love our city, we love our club!

LONG LIVE THE KING / THANK YOU! ::: 9/20/14 vs. Indy Eleven
A double tifo on this night, we honored the modern Strikers’ all-time appearance leader Darnell King, and we also welcomed new ownership to Fort Lauderdale. The Strikers would win the game, and the new owners hung out at the tailgate and cheered with us in the section. A great night!

ONE CLUB, ONE GOAL, ONE VISION ::: 10/8/14 at Tampa Bay Rowdies
Finally the Coastal Cup came home to Fort Lauderdale, and a handful of hearty weekday warriors came to cheer the boys on to victory in St. Pete with a Queen-insipired tifo. The only disappointment on the night was that this could not have been unveiled 11 days before as originally intended when the match was originally schedule and a busload of Striker Likers were on hand. However the “Sinister 6″ were there for the makeup fixture to see the Strikers crowned 2014 Champions of Florida! photo: Michael Parsons

THE ROAD TO GLORY BEGINS TONIGHT ::: 11/1/14 vs Ottawa Fury FC
Ottawa came back to Lockhart to bookend the 2014 regular season, and the Strikers pulled off a dramatic draw that sent them through to the playoffs. It was a very windy, chilly night and we laid out the path to the ultimate goal for the boys, the Soccer Bowl trophy, featuring the “advertising” signage at the corner of Commercial Blvd and 12th Ave spelling out that there will be no *Traffic* delays ahead. Regardless of how the 2014 playoffs play out, the future is bright for our Strikers! photo: Jon Van Woerden

NO OTHER TEAM ::: 4/4/15 vs New York Cosmos
A response to the disastrous “F.O.O.T.” marketing campaign rolled out by the Strikers at the start of the 2015 season. The Strikers are our only team.

THANK YOU ::: 7/11/15 vs FC Edmonton
A simple message of thanks to ownership for bringing back head coach Günter Kronsteiner.

FRANKIE SAYS RELAX / THE CUP BELONGS TO US ::: 8/15/15 vs Tampa Bay Rowdie$
A fun little display with former Rowdie / current Striker Frankie Sanfilippo and the Coastal Cup, and a message to the Rowdies for shamelessly selling sponsorship to a cup which belongs to the fans.

FTL ABOVE ALL ::: 4/2/16 vs Miami FC
We welcomed our new rivals to the south with a showing of pride in the Red & Gold, South Florida’s true football club – in 1977, now and forever. photo: Rosa Cavalcanti

954>305 ::: 4/2/16 vs Miami FC
Do we really need to explain this one? photo: Rosa Cavalcanti

THERE’S ONLY ONE ::: 5/14/16 vs Indy Eleven
All-time modern era leading scorer Mark Anderson returned to be honored by the club, so we made this little banner for him. We’ll always be “Walkin’ in a Geordie wonderland!”.

954EVER ::: 8/20/16 vs Ottawa Fury FC
We opened the first match at the Strikers new home ground, Central Broward Stadium, with a simple display of pride in our county and colors (and a nifty new pulley rig for tifo displays!).

Our adopted mascot, the venomous coral snake, in the shape of an ‘S’ accompanied by the classic rhyme used to identify it – as a warning to all those who intrude on our home turf. photo: Jon van Woerden

STRIKERS NEVER DIE ::: 10/22/16 vs Rayo OKC
For the final 2016 home game, amid all kinds of troubling rumors surrounding our club, we celebrated the resilience of the Strikers over the years. They’ve killed the Strikers before, but they just keep coming back. The zombie of soccer clubs.


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