Game Day

To ensure that everything goes smoothly on Strikers game days, it is vital that all F19 members know the plan and work together so we can create a great atmosphere before, during and after the game. The more we prepare and organize, the better the game day experience will be for everyone at the stadium!

Tailgate Party:

The official F19 Tailgate Party will begin three and a half hours prior to every Strikers home match in the EAST lot of Lockhart Stadium (4:00 for a 7:30 kickoff). Look for the big banyan tree and tents!

March to the Stadium:

All F19 members will march into Lockhart NO LATER than 20 minutes prior to kick off(7:10 PM for a 7:30 start). This means we need to start wrapping up tailgate activities around 30 minutes prior to kick off.

We need to be in our section EARLY so we can set up(banners etc.) and also to make any non-members perfectly aware of where they are sitting and the commotion we are about to make. We own the east end and people need to know it!


In the stands, we will have a capo (or capos) leading the chants/songs at the front of the section with a bullhorn so that everyone is on the same page and coordinated as a united force. We cannot have the different drummers out of sync, nor can we have multiple chants/songs going on at the same time.


Great care is to be taken with all flags, banners, tifo and drums in the section so that they are not damaged, stolen or lost. NEVER leave a flag or banner on the ground, and NEVER leave a drum unattended. These things all cost money, and in some cases take time to make, so please do not be careless with any F19 materials. Same goes for any personal stuff(two pole banners or signs etc.). If you have to leave the section for any reason during the game, pass your flag or drum to someone else.

During tifo displays with large banners, please follow instructions so it is executed smoothly. Hold banners straight up(don’t lift up to peek underneath!), and for overhead displays DO NOT beat on the bottom of them. We want everyone in the stadium, including the players on the field, to be able to see everything easily.

Immediately after the game, if you’re in possession of a flag or drum that is not yours, it should be brought back to the supporters storage closet located on the EAST side of the main South grandstand. We will be storing the majority of our gear there right after the game. If you miss that and you can’t find the owner, hang on to it and bring it back to the next match.


We are working with the Strikers to hopefully allow smoke in the supporters section for the 2016 season.


Wear Strikers colors! That’s Red/Gold/Black. You surely have official Strikers gear, F19 gear, or even just a red shirt. Remember you’re at Lockhart to support the Strikers, so respect the club and the players on the pitch and give them your all! That means leaving your Man United & Boca Juniors etc. shirt at home. Please also refrain from wearing rival colors, which are blue(Miami, New York, Jacksonville) and Green(Rowdies, New York).

***Visiting Supporters Groups***

This is VERY important. When there is a visiting supporters group at Lockhart Stadium, there is to be ZERO contact whatsoever with them during OR after the games. Most supporters are level headed enough that there should be no issues. But for the sake of playing it safe, there is no reason to go anywhere near the visiting supporters. So don’t.

Taunt them from our section, make tifo, talk some trash online, that’s all fine. But when groups get together in the stadium, especially when alcohol is involved, it’s just inviting trouble. SO DON’T DO IT.

We all want an enjoyable, and safe, experience at the stadium. Rivalries are great fun, so let’s keep it that way. Be smart at the stadium and do not, for any reason, put yourself in a compromising situation. If there are any issues, alert team staff and/or the stadium security and let them handle it. You came to enjoy a game and support the Strikers, so don’t do something stupid that will get you kicked out and possibly have negative repercussions for the group as a whole.

These rules also apply when F19 travels to other stadiums. For no reason whatsoever is there to be contact with the home supporters when we are visiting. There is simply no need to take any chances.

Flight 19 does not condone ANY hooliganism/violence and anything of that sort is UNACCEPTABLE and will be dealt with swiftly. Any F19 member who is responsible for any sort of trouble with visiting supporters is subject to immediate banishment from the group and the supporters section as a whole.



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